SparkFun Wiring ATmega1281 board running under Arduino

Many people (including myself until recently) do not realize that the Wiring project pre-dates Arduino. Apperently the Arduino took off while Wiring did not was because of the price point. The Wiring board was around $80.00.

Recently Sparkfun came out with a new Wiring board. The Wiring ATmega1281 DEV-09663 This board has

What's different

I have made a version of the Arduino support code that fully supports the Wiring 1281. It has been tested under Arduino V0018. The only part that is not fully tested is the analog and timers.


Click here to download the code to support the Wiring 1281 under Arduino

Download the file, unzip it and place it in your "hardware" folder.

On the mac this is Applications -> -> Contents -> Resources -> Java -> hardware

If you use this file, please drop me a not and let me know. Also if you have any problems or questins about it.
msproul -at-

This first release (June 2010) does not include a bootloader to burn. I am working on it but you DO NOT NEED TO BURN A BOOTLOADER. Arduino works perfectly with the boodloader already installed in the board.