March Madness - Sorting Demo

This program demos a simple bubble sort. I dont have a movie camera to take a move but it is best watched while running. It demos how the sort is done bubbling the small values to the top.

The array is sized to the same size as the graphics display, 64 lines and the numbers max out at 128, the width of the display.


#include	<math.h>

#include	<string.h>
#include	<stdio.h>
#include	<stdlib.h>
#include	<WProgram.h>

#include	"HardwareSerial.h"

#include	"UnivGraphicsHW_Defs.h"
#include	"UnivGraphicsLib.h"
#include	"UnivGraphicsHardware.h"

#define	kNumberCount	64
int	gNumberArray[kNumberCount];

void IntNumberArray()
int	ii;

	for (ii=0; ii gNumberArray[ii + 1])
			temp					=	gNumberArray[ii];
			gNumberArray[ii]		=	gNumberArray[ii + 1];
			gNumberArray[ii + 1]	=	temp;;
			changeOccured			=	true;

	if (changeOccured == false)